...it has nothing to do with LGBTQ rights, btw
Can social responsibility be taught in a business college? Listen now (64 min) | Larry and Kathi Zimpleman, plus Alejandro Hernandez, Dean of the Zimpleman College of Business, talk about this as a goal behind…
...and a link to our Monday Lunch chat about the new Zimpleman College of Business (with the Zimplemans)
David Houle, speaker, author and 'futurist'Listen now (63 min) | ...plus a couple follow-ups and link to our upcoming Monday Zoom
...you will find spending time with him enlightening
And now, we have a Pod-luckListen now (61 min) | ...so far, so good

February 2023

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A new Potluck feature announcedListen now (63 min) | ...and a link to last week's audio of the Monday Lunch call
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What I've been up toWatch now (63 min) | ...and a link to last week's Zoom session about organizational life-cyles