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Here is my introductory: column. If we don’t know each other, it sums up this project's ‘who’ and ‘why’. Julie is the founder of the Okoboji Writers’ Retreat and the Iowa Writers’ Collaborative.

You are now a part of a growing number of current and former Iowans who are interested in the state, its politics and people.

A regular feature of this column is a Monday Zoom call, held over the noon hour, featuring notable and newsworthy guests. Participants are encouraged to engage in the conversation, and an audio version of the podcast will be available to subscribers.


Every edition of the newsletter goes to your inbox. It’s the new, new thing. And fun. Some things old are new again, like a potluck. The idea (newsletter) is old. This current iteration through Substack is SO 2022.

The wonderful (mostly) thing about a potluck is that everyone brings something to the table. I’ll provide the utensils (this substack format), and you or others I find of particular interest will fill the table.

You do not have to pay to subscribe unless you want to. If you do, proceeds will support the scholarship account for the Okoboji Writers’ Retreat. www.okobojiwritersretreat.com

Paid subscribers can join a Zoom Monday Lunch to converse with notable folks. These will be interactive sessions that allow YOU to interview influencers. Julie has been ‘collecting’ people for years, and her guests will be those she finds particularly fascinating. She will write a column based on these conversations more often than not.

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Julie Gammack 

Founder: The Iowa Writers' Collaborative includes highly regarded, popular, columnists from around the state. Produces the Okoboji Writers' Retreat. Writes Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck. Having a blast.