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What We Need to Know about Disinformation…

…and how to help the town of Greenfield devasted by yesterday’s tornado

Greenfield Tornado Relief

Susie Oleson, of Greenfield, answered a question asking how people can help our Iowa neighbors recover from yesterdays horrific tornado that ripped through Adair County and spit out homes, cars, trucks and wind turbines in its wake. Some lost their lives, many others lost their homes. The button below is a link to the Greater Greenfield Community Foundation Tornado Relief Fund, a reputable organization that will collect and distribute funds. When disasters hit, some unscrupulous folks try to take advantage of the situation, so I wanted to offer this option for those who want to contribute.

More on the story from The Des Moines Register:

Watch: Drone video shows destructive tornado topple wind turbines near Greenfield, Iowa

Greenfield Tornado Relief

Michael Dahlstrom, director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University

Michael Dahlstrom, photo courtesy of the Greenlee School of Journalism

Like it or not, and as imperfect as it can be, artificial intelligence is seeping into our world. The one-hour conversation we had on Monday hardly scratches the surface about what we need to know to discern fact from fake. Micheal Dahlstrom, the dean of the Greenlee School of Journalism, introduced the topic and shared what is being taught about AI on Iowa State University’s campus today.

If you are a new subscriber, this Potluck column is so-called because everyone brings something to the table. One day, we might discuss artificial intelligence, as we did this week. Another, we might interview someone running for congress. Next week, we will be talking about quilting with

, a world-renowned expert who lives in Winterset, and who just joined the Iowa Writers’ Collaborative. She has stories to tell, and every quilt has one. The following week, we’ll be talking with the first woman to be elected Polk County Attorney Kimberly Graham, who ran on a platform calling for sweeping change. How’s she doing?

In other words, we create a space for you to ‘meet’ and engage with newsmakers, experts, and simply interesting people in our midst.

The conversations are more like what you’d have at a dinner party than in a formal interview setting. You, the reader, get to ask questions and be a part of the discussion. The Monday Zoom calls are open to all subscribers (free and paid), and are held between noon and 1 p.m. central time. Join us!

I usually upload the podcast in audio-only format. Today, I offer it in video, and I’d like to know what you think of this. Many of you just read the transcript. In the comment section, would you be so kind as to let me know if you prefer having it posted in video or audio? Thank you.




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