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Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Democrats have a choice to make tonight

Democrats have a choice to make tonight

...although not like The Iowa Republicans do

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Well, sort of, you have a choice to make. If you are an Iowa Democrat, the National Democratic Party apparatus has stripped Iowa of the usual reason to go to your precinct caucus— having your presidential preference recorded. Of course, with an incumbent President, that stands to reason.

Senator Claire Celsi said one reason to attend is the social aspect of meeting fellow Democrats. And to sign ballots or run for a delegate to the county convention spot. Or pass resolutions for or against policy issues.

Celsi was joined by Scott Brennan, a member of the Democratic National Committee, Bill Brauch, Polk County Democratic Party chair, and C.J. Petersen, who serves on the State Party Central Committee. Over 50 were on the Zoom call, including interested activists from around the state: Davenport, Algona, Jefferson, Waterloo, Atlantic, Ames, Des Moines, Windsor Heights, and others.

There is a reason the D’s aren’t getting press attention for their caucuses tonight. Still, it seems voters have three choices to make:

  1. Stay home.

  2. Go to the GOP caucus and take a stand there.

  3. Attend the Democratic Party caucus, sign petitions, meet your neighbors, and participate in democracy, albeit without the typical sense of accomplishment one usually has from attending a caucus.

Listen to the discussion, then decide what actions you can take tonight, if any, while the eyes of the world are turned toward Iowa. If nothing else, go to the spin room in the Hy Vee Convention Center and pirouette.



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