Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Simply the best political pollster in America

Simply the best political pollster in America

....J. Ann Selzer

Take a listen to a conversation between J. Ann Selzer and our subscriber participants about the Iowa Poll and Grinnell Poll, conducted by Selzer & Company. Here is a link to her recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, showing Governor Kim Reynolds’ approval rating.

Ann walks us through her polling results and trends over the years (i.e.are we on the right track or wrong track) and explains why her methodology works.

Our participants are informed observers, who follow the pollster’s work with a keen eye, so their questions are equally interesting.


The Monday Zoom Lunch is a regular feature of Julie Gammack’s Potluck column. Initially, it was only available to paid subscribers, supporting the Okoboji Writers’ Retreat scholarship fund. The paywall was taken down so more readers can participate.

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Monday, April 17, join the co-owner of Beaverdale Books, Hunter Gollum, and the store’s events coordinator, Jan Kaiser, plus the following Iowa authors. We begin at noon central time. Here’s the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83447372747

Jann Freed, PhD is a leadership development consultant and speaker organizations hire to improve employee engagement, navigate change management, or develop leaders at all ages and career stages. She is particularly interested in helping employees 50+ find meaning and purpose beyond their careers. She does this through the use of a concept she developed -- The Breadcrumb Legacy™ -- in which people create new meaning for themselves and others through small daily actions.

Patti Isaacs' book The Second Long March, Memoir from a Witness to China’s Transformation chronicles life lived on the cusp of economic change, and the stunning contrasts experienced by her Chinese friends and their city once that transformation was well underway. Rather than a wonky examination of politics and economics, the book covers China’s profound economic and cultural shift from primitive conditions and sluggish government-run institutions to cutthroat capitalism and its accompanying benefits and drawbacks. Through personal stories, it presents Chinese culture and traditions as they have been altered—or not—by radical change.

Mike Triggs' book,  You Can't Make This $#!+ Up!  is based on true experiences and is just as laugh-out-loud funnny as it is undeniably heartwarming.  He had spent most of his life in politics, primarily working for the Republican Party. In fact, he was considered a political golden boy until his career was forever tarnished. While managing a governor's re-election campaign, a right-wing opposing candidate unceremoniously OUTed him and he quickly spiraled from the top echelons of the GOP to selling underwear at a high-end department store in Sheboygan, WI. Going from his comfortable closet to the retail world, Mike never expected the crazy drama he would encounter. From hoity-toity Sheboygan shoppers to crafty shoplifters, religious fanatics, screaming kids, racists, entitled "Karens," and drag queens to an evil store manager and her slimy sidekick, Mike takes it all on with satiric flair while revealing his struggle with coming out, coping with the aftermath of the AIDs epidemic and finding true friends in unlikely places.


The Iowa Writers’ Collaborative members offer a slice of life in Iowa not found elsewhere. If you can pay to subscribe to any of them individually, great. If are not able to at this time, subscribe at no charge. Both are much appreciated. And you won’t have to wait for the Sunday Roundup to see their columns on the day they are filed.

Laura Belin: Iowa Politics with Laura Belin, Windsor Heights
Doug Burns: The Iowa Mercury, Carroll
Dave Busiek: Dave Busiek on Media, Des Moines
Art Cullen: Art Cullen’s Notebook, Storm Lake
Suzanna de Baca Dispatches from the Heartland, Huxley
Debra Engle: A Whole New World, Madison County
Julie Gammack: Julie Gammack’s Iowa Potluck, Des Moines and Okoboji
Joe Geha: Fern and Joe, Ames
Jody Gifford: Benign Inspiration, West Des Moines
Nik Heftman, The Seven Times, Los Angeles and Iowa
Beth Hoffman: In the Dirt, Lovilla
Dana James: New Black Iowa, Des Moines
Pat Kinney: View from Cedar Valley, Waterloo
Fern Kupfer: Fern and Joe, Ames
Robert Leonard: Deep Midwest: Politics and Culture, Bussey
Tar Macias: Hola Iowa, Iowa
Kurt Meyer, Showing Up, St. Ansgar
Kyle Munson, Kyle Munson’s Main Street, Des Moines
Jane Nguyen, The Asian Iowan, West Des Moines
John Naughton: My Life, in Color, Des Moines
Chuck Offenburger: Iowa Boy Chuck Offenburger, Jefferson and Des Moines
Barry Piatt: Piatt on Politics: Behind the Curtains, Washington, D.C.
Macey Spensley, The Midwest Creative, Davenport and Des Moines
Mary Swander: Mary Swander’s Buggy Land, Kalona
Mary Swander: Mary Swander’s Emerging Voices, Kalona
Cheryl Tevis: Unfinished Business, Boone County
Ed Tibbetts: Along the Mississippi, Davenport
Teresa Zilk: Talking Good, Des Moines

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Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
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