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Save Byron's of Pomeroy

Save Byron's of Pomeroy

...featuring the purveyor of reheated frozen pizza and live music

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If ever there was an example of why local storytelling matters, it’s this one.

Byron Stuart lives in the town of Pomeroy, population 500. He discovered that owning a bar was a way to manifest his dream of experiencing live music regularly.

Musicians and patrons describe the venue that seats 80 as ‘magical.’ The building appears outside as a dilapidated structure, but when one crosses the threshold, it is an Alice-in-Wonderland Fun House of tie-dye color.

Byron’s in Pomeroy

In January, Byron received a letter saying he had to produce an inspection report that the building was sound or vacate the premises.

The distraught patron saint of songwriters told his friends and supporters, including Pulitzer Prize-winning writer - and a regular Byron’s patron - Art Cullen, who broke the news in his column. Soon after, the barkeep's plight was featured on Charity Nebbe’s Iowa Public Radio show, and local television stations picked up the story. The news spread like a ‘last call’ before closing time.

In our Zoom conversation, Dave Hearn of Fort Dodge was the spokesman for the fundraiser (coming up March 3), and Art Cullen helped explain why this is so important to northwest Iowa. Other musicians who have performed at Byron’s were on the call, including Jason Walsmith and Todd Partridge.

The Wizard of Bryon’s, Byron Stuart, was on the call; it was his first experience with Zoom.

Please listen to the banter and celebration of Byron. It’s a fun podcast, even though his circumstances are seemingly insurmountable. Still, you’ll get a sense of a community in action and a lot of folks hoping to help write a happy ending to this story.

Tune in. And please share it far and wide.

I hope to see you at the concert in Fort Dodge.

To learn more about the event or saving Byron’s, contact Dave Hearn: friendsofbyron2024@gmail.com

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Order Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/iowa-roots-for-byrons-concert-general-admission-tickets-tickets-834709928867


Musicians today face many challenges. The recording industry is consolidated; listeners can download and stream music for pennies or for free.

The Okoboji Writers’ and Songwriters’ Retreat will feature 14 performers from around the country. Participants will learn how to write songs and collaborate with others. There will be panels on the business of being a musician and generating revenue in creative ways. To learn more, click OWR IV.

We help participants tap into their stories, whether told through essays, memoirs, poetry, books, or songs.

To support Byron, who has been promoting local musicians for decades, one enrollment in the Okoboji Writers’ and Songwriters’ retreat will be auctioned off at the benefit concert on Sunday. Those proceeds will go toward the restoration or replacement of Byron’s bar.

I hope to see you in Fort Dodge on Sunday!


Paid subscribers of this column provide scholarships for the retreat. If you need assistance, find the form to submit in the FAQ section of the website. There are full and partial scholarships available.

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