May 20, 2023Liked by Julie Gammack

Small towns are wierd when it comes to education. It turns on sports mostly, and little else. The local weeklies will fill their pages with every kind of sport and news about what really is happening with academics or even local news gets shorted. Being a letter to the editor writer I have quite a following in my town, but the people who think they are in charge spend inordinate amounts of time telling me I'm "negative"! Well, if it takes seven years to put together a plan for a sewage treatment plant for a town of 4 thousand, while the costs went from 7 million to over 20 million with no contingencies and still we haven't moved the first shovel of dirt, I'd have to say they are simply ignoring facts! Being responsible as a reporter or as a city council person is a lost art, and it truly is sad. Steve Hanken

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