Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Extraordinary Discussion about Gaza and Israel

Extraordinary Discussion about Gaza and Israel

...you'll be surprised

This week, we held an extra podcast to discuss what’s happening in Gaza and the protests on college campuses over Israel’s reaction to the attack on their country by Hamas.

If you are a new subscriber or have not listened to one of these Zoom sessions with readers and special guests, I invite you to check this out. They are described as informal but facilitated dinner-party conversations with wise, well-informed participants and guests.

I never know if we will have three or 35 people on the call. This one had over 50 attendees, which is remarkable since the time slot was unusual and readers had little notice.

On this episode is Iowa Writers’ Collaborative member,

, a long-time journalist with executive leadership positions within the Gannett newspaper group and a passion for history; Corrine Whitlatch, the former director of Churches for Middle East Peace and a surprise guest, was able to join us, retired Admiral Michael Franken.

Reader participants included the current editor of The Des Moines Register, a former Lt. Governor of the Iowa, legislators, and other thought leaders from around the state.

I’m afraid we did not reach a consensus, of course. However, in our 60 minutes together, we discussed many thoughtful points of view from our featured guests and Potluck subscribers.

Listen. Share it. Thanks.

There will not be a Monday Zoom call next week.

If you have topic or subject matter experts you would like to see featured in this program, please send me your thoughts.


I am so doggone proud of the Iowa Writers’ Collaborative. For those who become paid subscribers to the IWC Roundup Column, please know you support the group in many ways. Today and tomorrow, about 25 of us will gather at Whiterock Conservancy to share best practices and learn from a Substack staff member and a consultant who works with writers on improving and growing their audience.

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Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
Julie Gammack's Iowa Potluck
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