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...and a link to last week's Zoom session about organizational life-cyles


The video above features the conversation we had last week with organizational consultant Ian Mac Dougall on the life cycles of organizations. If you serve on a board or lead any group, you might recognize the cycles of growth and demise that can occur at any point in the timeline of an entity.

What’s new?

For the past couple of weeks, my attention has been focussed on the launch of a podcast former Register columnist Rekha Basu and I are co-hosting titled:

What the hell happened to Iowa?

As you might surmise by the title, we are reacting to the flurry of radical legislation being churned out by a GOP trifecta in state government.

Democrats, if and when the pendulum swings back your way, take note: this is what you can do if you hold the governor’s seat, most of the executive branch, both legislative bodies and have a stronghold in the Iowa courts. Oh, yeah, and a U.S. Supreme Court ruled corporations can pump unlimited cash into elections and hide dark money (secret) in dummy organizations.

Rekha and I have been friends for 30 years, but this is the first time we’ve worked on a project together. We are finding our differing strengths compound one another, and we’re pretty pumped about the audience's reaction to our first episode. I would have been pleased if we had 100 downloads initially, but we passed that number within an hour of launch, and as I type these words, it’s been heard 1,221 times. We have 822 subscribers to the Substack column where it is hosted, and today, it was picked up by Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify so that the audience could grow exponentially. This has all happened in the past four days since we launched the first episode on February 14.

I guess many people listen to podcasts when they walk the dog, go to the gym and drive around. Do you?

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What the hell happened to Iowa?
Rekha and Julie's first podcast
Listen now (47 min) | February 14, 2023 - Rekha Basu and Julie Gammack are teaming up to ask a question on the minds of observers throughout the land: What the hell happened to Iowa? These two Iowa print and broadcast journalists decided to adapt the audio podcast platform to introduce an authentic voice to the devasting laws sweeping the state under the leadership of Governor …
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Monday Zoom Lunch date for February 20.

I turn to a couple of friends who have been podcasting for a while now so I can learn a few tips and techniques. Please join George A. Clark (a former colleague from my days as a WHO radio talk show host) and Michael Libbie. Both have had long careers in radio broadcasting and are finding an audience in this wild, new world of podcasting. Chat away about whatever you like with these two. Libbie is also on the Windsor Heights city council.

Here’s your Monday Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83037257586

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